A long time gone . . .

I’ve been away — reading dozens of books, but with no time to blog about them. In Fall 2014, we began planning for our move from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Lakefield, Ontario. In April 2015, we did it — three cats in tow. It’s been an amazing journey.

We rented in Lakefield for nine months, then found a lovely home on the Otonabee River — wonderful scenery and wildlife, and terrific neighbours. In a marvellous bit of serendipity, we learned shortly after we agreed to buy the house, that it had been the home of Joan Johnston, one of Margaret Laurence’s best friends, for almost thirty-five years. Margaret’s 60th birthday party was held at this house in July 1986. I am hoping that her spirit will be an inspiration for my own writing.

Speaking of … I’ve also been busy completing my new novel Weaving Water, which will be published by Killick Press in September.


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