And just for fun, I make embroidered/quilted wall hangings of my own design for myself, family and friends.

At left: Seven for a Story (2008)

One for sorrow, two for joy,
three for a girl, four for a boy,
five for silver, six for gold,
and seven for a story that’s never been told.



At right: The Heroines: And still we are here (2009) DSCF0487

From top left, clockwise: Marguerite de Roberval from Silence of Stone, Shawnawdithit from All Gone Widdun, Eva Rosen from Dancing in the Palm of His Hand, and Dylan from Flight of Ravens (an unpublished novel).

The wall hangings are about one metre by one metre.


Novels detail S

Novels Detail Tree2


Left: detail  Shawnawdithit

Right: Detail of centre tree.





Byrne4At left: Meet the Byrnes (2011)

For musicians and cat lovers Joe and Linda (Slade) Byrne and their sons Allan and Matthew.



Centre: first few measures of “The Rocks of Merasheen” for Joe Byrne. Top left: the first few measures of the chorus to “Fathom the Bowl” for Linda Slade.



At right: detail of centre, the first few measures of the “Rocks of Merasheen.”



Guitar2At left: detail for guitar.







Daughters Amy and Megan with Baby Moon (2015)





Left: tree at centre.



Below: otter pups in top centre.




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