From the Nightstand: Caught by Lisa Moore

Have just finished a second reading of Caught. I’ve read all of Lisa’s novels – Alligator, February, and Caught – twice, not because the plot and characters are so fascinating, which they are, but because the language is so beautiful, taut, and evocative. Even when you know exactly what will happen, you can be captivated by the writing alone. Although February is my personal favourite, I could easily read all three novels again, just to be swept away by Lisa’s style The characters and plot in Caught are gripping, but not unusual; it is the way in which the exquisite prose reveals characters and plot that is unique and provocative. Highly recommended.


2 thoughts on “From the Nightstand: Caught by Lisa Moore

  1. Lesleyanne Ryan

    I just got my signed copy of Caught at Winterset. Lisa was a phenomenal instructor at MUN and it was a real treat to listen to her read last weekend. Looking forward to reading the novel. 🙂

  2. McFlono

    Love your stacks of books and your tray you have them in on your cofefe table, fantastic idea. I love books too and have them on a shelf but I think they need to come out!!


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